MY NAME is Margarita Agadzhanian  

I'm here to share over 25 years of violin experience with you

Since childhood, the violin has fascinated and attracted me with its charming sounds, secret harmonies and sound vibrations.

It took me precisely 16 years of dedicated work to complete my music education with Honours. This involved Music School (7 years) and Music college (4 years) undertaken at a Conservatory of Music in the Russian Federation.

The violin has taught me a lot; primarily to achieve goals that one sets out for and to see things through to the end.

I graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Russia in 2010. My highest marks were achieved in Master of violin solo, ensemble, orchestra performance and violin teaching.

During my violin career, I have taken part in a plethora of solo performances, ensembles, orchestras, operas and various international music projects. I have taught students since 2002.

I have played with musicians from Germany, England, Denmark, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA and others! These cross-cultural interactions gave me an acquaintance with different violin schools, methodology and performance styles. It has really helped in creating my own teaching style that incorporates various elements of what I have seen that works for violinists at a global level.

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I came to Australia in 2016, and during this time I have been involved in a significant number of different concerts including Bronzewing Quartet SA, State Opera SA, Amicus Strings, More than Opera, City Opera Orchestra, Spark Youth Dance Orchestra, Melbourne Opera Orchestra and others. I worked as a violin teacher at Latitude Music Studios and as a Private Violin teacher.

I can truly say the violin is my friend. This philosophy is an integral part of my life. At a deeper level, the violin can provide a musician with an esoteric sense of wisdom that can be applied to all of the experiences we encounter in our journey through this world.

In my teaching work, I try to make my lessons interesting, professional and practical.
It’s important for me to create a friendly rapport, yet maintain a professional and respectful environment with my students. My students are learning the fundamentals of violin from their initial lessons with an ultimate goal of being self-autonomous musicians.

It is my privilege to share over 25 years of violin experience with new generations of violin learners. My goal is to help as many new violinists as possible to achieve their goals and be a part of our world-wide music community.

The violin is a very special instrument. I invite you to join me at Melbourne Violin Academy so that I can unlock the prestige and majesty of the violin to you.

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Sano, parent

Margarita is both a fantastic violinist and brilliant teacher.
My 11 years old daughter has been taking music lessons with her for the past year. Her improvement from a total novice to her current level has been nothing short of outstanding. This’s all thanks to Margarita and her tireless work.
Initially, my daughter's lessons were being conducted in her studio. However, since the initial Covid-19 lockdown here in Melbourne, the lessons were moved to online. Thanks to Margarita’s meticulous planning and preparation in addition to her incredible caring nature, these lessons continue to provide my daughter with a great learning platform and she continuously looks forward to them without fail.
I can’t recommend Margarita highly enough and I thank her sincerely for the great work she’s been doing in teaching my daughter to play Violin.

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Lyudmila, parent

Margarita is a fabulous music teacher. We're being pleased over 6 months to have her violin lessons. My kid's technique and progress just leapt substantially up. She is very professional and responsive. Would highly recommend her as a music teacher.

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