Should we rent or buy?

If your child is just starting lessons, don’t rush to buy a violin straight away. You can rent it. 
For primary school children, it is better to rent a smaller-sized violin in the early months and purchase a violin once the child is ready for a full-size. Rental can be a sensible option for families while your child is growing and developing their interest and skill in the violin.
When you see that your child is truly interested in the violin, you will intuitively know that it’s time to buy a violin. This can be a more economical choice.
Speak to your violin/instrumental store to discuss options when your child outgrows their instrument and needs to purchase their next violin. Perhaps it will be better to select a quality instrument that will see your child through their schooling years and beyond- the choice is yours.

To summarise, as your child develops it will be clear to see when they are ‘ready’ to move up a violin prise level. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive violin for your child.
As we know, all children are unique in regards to their musical development. 

Where can I buy a violin  in Melbourne?

We have especially found Cellissimo! and it's owner Sue to be very helpful for our students to find the best option to buy, hire, repairs and violin accessories.

Check it out here: t

Get a bow

Finding a bow to match a violin is like choosing a spouse. A particular bow may be excellent, yet not resonate well with your violin. For this reason, the violin should be chosen first, then the bow chosen to match.

Instruments purchased online

The internet is amazing for buying many products, but no violins. Do not buy your violin from the Internet unless you have checked the sound and playability.