Violin is a philosophy. Violin seeks to develop the character and self-esteem of its students.


If you are a parent or guardian considering enrolling your child in violin lessons, I want to wholeheartedly welcome you to the beginning of what will be a fulfilling journey.

Discover, Raise, Develop

At the Melbourne Violin Academy, we use my unique and child-centred pedagogical method which has been developed and refined over many years. It is specially designed to give young children an experience of making music from the beginning, so they can discover their creative potential.

Violin assists in teaching your child discipline, concentration and the importance of self-esteem. To put it simply, the violin supports children to believe in themselves. Playing the violin develops logical/critical thinking components of the brain. Memory, neuroplasticity development and developing fine and gross motor skills are further benefits the violin can offer your child.

The violin lays a foundation for children to understand the importance of setting (and achieving) short and long term goals.

Violin playing develops aesthetic taste (particularly in artistic and musical areas).

Music Literacy

Our students learn to read music from the beginning of our learning journey. Music literacy is ‘part and parcel’ of each lesson. Students engage with music literacy materials in multi-sensory activities, building their curiosity and problem-solving abilities.
If your child is a young beginner- we highly encourage and recommend your involvement in their study, until they are able to practise effectively on their own.