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I teach dedicated violin students to build a good technical foundation for a professional career or for leisure, to avoid years of not effective practice and develop their skills in violin playing.


Welcome to a boutique-style violin academy

that solely focused on one instrument- the violin

Adopting a holistic approach to violin learning and playing, with a focus on customised student learning experience translates into exceptional results - results beyond expectations.


I'm Margarita Agadzhanian




The violin gave me great opportunities to perform in various concerts, projects, visit different countries and meet incredibly interesting and talented people. Along this journey, dedication and hard work were an integral part of my experience. Looking back, I know it was worth the effort.

I graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Russia in 2010. My highest marks were achieved in Master of violin solo, ensemble, orchestra performance and violin teaching.

During my violin career, I have taken part in a plethora of solo performances, ensembles, orchestras, operas and various international music projects. I have taught students since 2002.​ I have played with musicians from Germany, England, Denmark, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA and others! These cross-cultural interactions gave me an acquaintance with different violin schools, methodology and performance styles. It has really helped in creating my own teaching style that incorporates various elements of what I have seen that works for violinists at a global level.

I believe that my mission is to help new violinists fulfil their dream of playing the violin and achieve the best possible results. I studied in a number of educational institutions, under various teachers, while being exposed to a variety of performing traditions. From personal experience, I understand what violin students can face in their playing journey. Based on your individual characteristics and needs, I will accompany you to unlock your potential in order to reach a new level with your playing!




Nicole, parent

For the past few months, our daughter has been learning to play the violin with her wonderful tutor, Margarita. From the onset, Margarita has been a supportive and encouraging teacher. She is patient, kind and extremely professional. In a short time, she has taken our daughter from having no knowledge of the violin to playing duets. She has consistently shown a drive to ensure our daughter reaches her full potential in both online and face to face lessons. We would encourage any aspiring violinist to look no further than the amazing teacher that we have found in Margarita.


violin lessons


Violin lessons for beginners develop the required physical and mental skills. Adopt the right posture and understanding of the instrument. First steps into the aesthetic appreciation of the violin.

Fiona, s​tudent

Margarita is a wonderful violin player and a warm and friendly teacher.

She is very encouraging and works hard to instil good practice habits and techniques.

I recommend her highly for all ages of students.


violin lessons


Make progress on sound production and technical skills.

Open doors into new opportunities such as music groups, youth orchestras and a future professional career.

Lyudmila, parent

Margarita is a fabulous music teacher. We're being pleased over 6 months to have her violin lessons. My kid's technique and progress just leapt substantially up. She is very professional and responsive. Would highly recommend her as a music teacher.

Annie _ 1.jpg

violin lessons



Upgrade current instrumental skills and technique to become a better, more well-rounded musician. A good outlet for professional, personal development and stress relief.

Nadia, s​tudent

I started my violin lessons as a beginner with Margarita doing private lessons.

Her disciplined nature and passion are impeccable. She has taught me two years of work in just three months.

She is by far the best, most dedicated, caring teacher I have had. Thank you for believing in me & helping me excel Margarita!


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