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Sip your morning brew with a smile using our 'ME vs My Violin Teacher' Colorful Accent Mug, 11oz. This mug captures the timeless battle: your hopeful 45 minutes of daily violin practice against the skeptical glare of your violin teacher, humorously represented by a sarcastically laughing violin devil. It's the perfect companion for musicians who've ever bargained over practice time, offering a light-hearted tribute to those optimistic plans and the gentle reality checks from our instructors. With its vibrant accents and durable design, this mug adds a splash of humor to any music lover's day, reminding us of the dedication (and occasional debates) that define our musical journeys. Keywords: Colorful Accent Mug, 11oz, violin practice, music humor, violin teacher, durable, music lovers, morning coffee, sarcastic devil, optimistic musician.

The C-shaped handle provides a comfortable and sturdy grip, making this the perfect vessel for a sleepy morning cup of joe.

.: One size: 11oz (0.33 l)
.: White ceramic with colored interior and matching C-shaped handle
.: Eye-catching color contrast
.: NB! Hand wash only

ME vs My Violin Teacher Colorful Accent Mugs, 11oz

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