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"Mental Practice Companion" Square Poly Canvas Pillow – the ultimate rehearsal partner for musicians who take their practice very seriously, even between practice with their instrument! 

This state-of-the-art pillow is equipped with cutting-edge, imaginary sound technology that promises not to disturb your neighbors, no matter how vigorously you imagine to play your instrument. Perfect for those mental practice sessions where you accidentally, on purpose, fall asleep. Whether you're silently running through scales, mastering the art of air conducting, or holding a high note in your dreams, this pillow ensures you wake up feeling like you've just had a private lesson with Mozart himself. So, go ahead, lay back, and let your "Mental Practice Companion" take your unconscious rehearsals to the next level – all while providing a cozy spot for your head!

.: 100% polyester canvas
.: 100% polyester filling
.: Concealed zipper
.: Double-sided print
.: Available in 5 sizes


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